Our mission at Petro Jobs Recruitment is to deliver a maritime personnel service that is tailored to suit the individual ship-owner’s requirements. Our crewing package encompasses screening & recruitment, maintaining personnel records, document processing, travel arrangements, competency evaluation, compensation structuring and arranging training courses.

Our clients are looking for a better quality of product and service that lives up to their standards. At the same time, applicants are seeking the best available position to develop their career aspirations. It is our goal to match the needs of our clients with the aspirations of our seafarers.

Our crewing solutions are designed to choose candidates who demonstrate a professional approach to their potential employment. Our database contains a variety of information about individual seafarers, including service record, qualifications, certifications, training, medical records and personal appraisals. We ensure that a seafarer has all the necessary documents including visas, certificates and licenses, before embarking on an assignment onboard.